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  1. Meztijar 3 years ago

    I lived in Japan for a while and they have very light zoning. My rent was dirt cheap. Why, you ask? Because in the years I lived there developers had sold hundreds, if not thousands, of landowners they could get rich by building apartments with their pre-fab design on their farmland. Market-rate apartments were sprouting up everywhere. Literally a half dozen new buildings in my suburban neighborhood in under a year. Rent prices collapsed all over the nation. It was a huge scandal that all these property owners were taking a bath because they never saw the profits they were hoping for. I, OTOH, was stoked to have a wealth of landlords willing to rent to me at cut-rate prices. At times my rent was as low as $550 for a two bedroom. That was capitalism! Do you think a similar thing wouldn't happen here if we allowed it?

  2. Kirisar
    Kirisar 3 years ago

    What part of GA you from?

  3. Digis
    Digis 3 years ago

    I didn't think that you were still in the game

  4. Tausho 3 years ago

    My dream and my fantasy is to fuck a model like you. How can I make it real?

  5. Zolora
    Zolora 3 years ago

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