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  1. Garr
    Garr 3 years ago

    This shit is hilarious asg

  2. Kajiran
    Kajiran 3 years ago

    Mom and Dad and his black friend who was living in our garage looked like Darren James. Mom said that Brian had a very thick butt baseball bat thick dick but was fag and his Uncle Sam was always in garage with him mom was with her co employee and her neice and her classmate from the middle school. I Just heard my mom's voice yell at me to do her and aunties uniforms for the night before dad came home.But I called dad and he was inebriated and not com8ng home and not to tell her so we can talk about it.

  3. Mubar
    Mubar 3 years ago

    Ohh if only, if only! hehe РІСњВ¤

  4. Kakasa 3 years ago

    looking beatiful and slutty with that cock.

  5. Faer 3 years ago

    fuck me guys

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